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Found this amazing social innovation in Nigeria that could be used in places where there is a lack of a well established infrastructure for the recycling process of glass and plastic bottles.  The bottles are creatively used to add value by building houses.  SUPERCOOL!!! I then looked more into this innovation and found various other examples that have done similar initiatives.  This type of reuse is just one example of how we can reduce waste (environmental sustainability) and contribute to social needs.

A greenhouse in Ohio
 Bottles used to make a bedroom
 Eco tech home in Bolivia
 Office partitions in Tokyo
 Unknown bottle structure
 Eco tec sky field house in Haiti
 More office partitions
 Unknown location
An ecological bottle house in Argentina
An eco house made of bottles, has composting toilets, a rooftop garden and a solar water heating system in Honduras



Social Innovation Insights: The Mud Pool Table

I never cease to get amazed by the wonderful and creative inventions/solutions that people in remote and/or poor communities achieve. This example proves that poor communities can be seedbeds for creativity, social innovations and social entrepreneurship. The mud pool tables have to be one of my favourites, using only sticks, clay, grass and mud,these children put together a pool table.  The most interesting aspect is how they used the resources they had availiable to them.  As opposed to manufacturing  companies that use huge amounts of resources to produce the same service/product.  It is importnat to acknowledge that we have alot to learn from the people we think are less disadvantaged than we are. Especially when the world  is moving into times, where resourcesfulness is probably going to be one of the most necessary attributes to survive the sustainability challenge.  Just something to think about…